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A lot of standard software is available. In many cases that software meets most of the requirements. However, sometimes there are such specific requirements that standard solutions are no longer sufficient. In that case, software can be custom-built. The software then does exactly what you expect it to do. This software can be a small tool that performs a very specific task, but also larger solutions are possible, like highly-demanded administration systems, or mobile apps.

Development by DevJockeys

Years of experience (started in 2000!) have made us specialist in developing customized software. We are able to analyse specific needs. What software solution do you really need? We can judge if you need standard software or a customized solution. We can advise you on what path to take. Also, we can help you communicate with third party software companies, in cases where you need some extra technical expertise.

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If you are considering customized software, or a mobile app, or if you need advise, do not hestitate to contact us!

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We focus on development of Microsoft driven platforms (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET), Perl (linux), Android Apps (Java) en iOS Apps (iPhone/iPad: Swift en obj-c). We build tools, windows applications, back-ends, dynammic websites and mobile apps. Our expertise is the technical part. For graphics we work closely with specialized companies.

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  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • SQL-Server
  • MySql
  • GameMaker
  • iOS / Swift
  • Perl
  • Android
  • iOS / Obj-c


CMS for GPS-driven app

.NET CMS, Android, iOS

DevJockeys has built the iOS and Android apps, and the supporting CMS for a tour company in Amsterdam. The app contains multiple tours, some of them are available in 16 languages. The app functions as personaltour guide. Routes are configured using the CMS, where you define headings, locations and points of interest.

Back-office solution for travel industry

.NET Windows development

Travel organisations use GDS systems to book flights. The sold flights must be invoiced, and all relevant information must be saved in the bookkeeping. There is a lot to do between booking the flight and registration in the bookkeeping. Most of this work can be automated. DevJockeys has built a customized solution for this.

Billing Settlement Plan - reconciliatiion tool for travel industry

.NET Windows development

When a travel company books a flight, this flight preferably is invoiced before the departure date. Airlines invoice booked flights after departure, using a Billing Settlement Plan (BSP). DevJockeys has built a tool to find discrepancies between these purchases and sellings.



DevJockeys has built multiple wesbites. Focus is on the technical part: translate the design to a technical solution. DevJockeys also builds customized content management systems. Some examples of websites: Knuffie-Muziek, Ancient Structures, Wat was die knal.


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