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RECENT WORK (updated regularly)
GCozy Bar/Cafe

Cafe Bar

Cozy Cafe Bar with Kitchen, Small Office and Restroom. Ideal startingpoint for your Unity 3D project!
Available in the Unity Asset Store.
Want it for free? If you have a good reason we'll give you a voucher! (use the mail form below)

Guitar Classic

Acoustic Guitar

Low poly model. Based on a Alhambra 3F Flameco guitar.
Available as free asset in the Unity Asset Store.

Percussion Set

Percussion Set

The set contains congas, bongos, maracas, tambourine, timbales, gong, chimes and a full drumkit. Available in the Unity Asset Store.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

So we survived 2019 - Blade Runner has not happened yet :). We wish you all the best for 2020. Enjoy!



These Chimes are part of the Percussion Set.

Desktop lamp 2

Desktop Lamp Animation

Another animation of a desktop lamp



This tambourine is part of the Percussion Set.


Walking Dinosaur

Concept animation of a walking, running and roaring dinosaur.


One Eyed Alien

Work in Progress


Electric Guitar

Modelled guitar in the famous stratocaster design. The "MVG" at the back stands for "My Virtual Guitar".

Animated Desktop Lamp

Animated Desktop Lamp II

Everyone that makes 3D animations should try it one day: the animated desktop lamp, a trend started by a very famous design studio.

Human Cube

Human Cube

This animation is a demonstration of Walt Disney's twelve principles of animation.

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